Alive (1, 8,9, 13-present) Dead (2-7, 10-12)

Animal Kind:

Hueman Spoder (kind of)




Used to sav teh wourld, then he turnd evl, but turnd good agayn


Venum (possibly)


Dolan, Gooby, Morky, Bogs, Venum, VIruzArtz


Dolan(episude 8- 14), Gooby(1-14),

ur bich

Episude 1 - gooby pls

Favorite Phrase:

I fukd ur bich

Too many parameters

Spodermen is the main antagonist in The Uncle Dolan Show and is the protagonist in the Spodermen series.

abot spodermenEdit

  • In Episude 8 Spodermen becums teh deevill tempurlalily.
  • In Episude 18 it is discuvered dat Spodermen likes World Of kys
  • spodermen is the best human star!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mm,mm,,mm,mm,mms,dmfkdkdk
  • Spodermen is teh only char 2 be in 2 ofr shos. his shoes r : spodermen plays games nd one thats jost
  • i fukd ur bich
  • i fuk liek 837 biches b4 brekfest
  • endy(jokur) sukz brendun(bootman) big diq
  • ur n fagit


Episude 1 - gooby pls

Episude 5 - gooby ded

Episude 8 - Saytenic Rishul

Episude 9 - Fur Dais

Episude 13 - Teh Troof (voice)

Episude 14 - Dis is it...

Episude 17 - dolan's theme park

Episude 18 - Bogs ded

Episude 19- insyd bogs hed

Episude 20-insyd bogs hed 2

Episude 21-cumbies

Episude 22- cumbies 2

Episude 23- cumbies final

Episude 24- Purnaml aktivy moove

Episude 25- New Mayurr

Episude 26-Mayan apoklips

Episude 27- A Vurry Murry Dolan Krismuss Speshul

Episude 28-Pees nd quit

Uncle Dolan Movie

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