Nice slider huh? anywey onto moar importent things:

A new karactur, Desy, has joind teh show! Aperlently she is Dolans gurlfrend, but she luks like a slut if u ask me... i think is yus me, anyway, sum of u may b jellus cuz she is Dolans gurl nao, if u jelly... im surry, butt u can send her haet mael if u want

Her e-mael iz:

Wanna lern moar than her e-mael? Clik heer!!!

New episud RELEASED, yes iz tru, teh episud 10 of da goddumn show has been pablishd on Utube, dis teim is introdosing 2 new karacturs: Tom nd Jery, if u thogh der actual show was awsum, den u gotta c dis!

Wanna lern abot tom? Clik heer!!!

Wanna lern abot jery? Clik heer!!!

Wanna Watch teh new episud? No? k. but hav da link ehnyway: enjoy.

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