i luv my nefuse


Episude 2

Huey gets hit by a car.

Episude No.







12th April 2012

Episude chronology

Episude 1 - gooby pls<------>Episude 3 - McMorkys

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Most memorable phrase:

nobody gives a fak bobby. (and) shut teh fuk up sheldon.

dis is the second episude of The Uncle Dolan Show.


Dolan is sitting dun wen hiss fwee nefuse, Huey, Doey, an Loey as him if dey cn ply outside. he asks: "who teh fak r u", an dey tel him tht tey ar his nephews. dey introdeuce thmselves, an Dolan gulps his coke and asks "wut teh fak kind of nam is huey". Huey asks ta go outsid again, but Dolan tinks he is Loey, and asks the nefuses nams agan. Huey sys his nem, but Dolan cals him joey. Dolan den asks for Bart, and Loey says "ter is no bart uncle dolan" Dolan den gets confused an loey says his nam once more. Dolan sys he thought Huey's nem was Loey, an Huey seys his nem once more an Dolan gets confused agin and seys "shut teh fuk up sheldon" Doey seys ders no sheldon, Dolan diesagres, and Loey says that der granpa's nem is sheldon. Dolan den replies "nobody gives a fak bobby". Doey asks if dey culd geo otside new, and Dolan acepts. teh twee nefuse laugh: "hurrhurrhurr" "baharhar" "tehehee". Huey drps teh bal, an Dolan seys to get it. Huey refuses, seying dat he canot gt it beacuase "is in teh midel of teh stret". Dolan an Huey den sey "robby pls" "uncle dolan pls" "kirby pls" until Huey gves up an tris to gt teh bal. Dolan is impresed by dis, and seys "ataboy billy". Huey den walks inta da raod an a car hits him. (he does not die until episode 10, though) Dolan den sips his cok once more and seys "por zaky". Doey and Loey welk off an Doey seys "fak u uncle dolan".


  • Huey dos not actualy di until Episude 10 - Ecksturminatur, when he finaly gts teh bal bak to Dolan's hous, den dies, luring Jerry ot of hes "maws hole"
  • Dis is considered to be teh BEST uncle dolan episude ever mad.
  • Loey dies in Episude 16...
  • Doey is the only on of teh fwee nefuse stil aliv. he returns in Episude 20 - DolanTown destruyd, and he terns ento a gant dinosar at teh end, anry at Dolan for letin Huey an Loey die.
  • "shut teh fuk up sheldon" an "nobody gives a fak bobby" are memorable quotes from tis episude.

Episude VideoEdit

The Uncle Dolan Show Episode 201:42

The Uncle Dolan Show Episode 2

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